Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What is pcb designing ?
Printed Circuit Board (pcb) designing is a branch of electronics, an art and also a profession !

To start with, a technician or an engineer has an idea to build up a circuit. He makes a drawing using a few components called a Schematic circuit diagram. The connections of all components to each other are clearly depicted in the circuit schematic that one draws. The circuit components are also arranged systematically so that one should get a correct feel of the circuit, it should make a proper sense of its working. This is an art !
A schematic drawn with improper polarities, especially with the diodes, capacitors - that may also burn up when connected otherwise, on testing causing burns etc. The working of circuit successfully depends upon how all electrical specifications of each and every component is studied and taken into consideration and actually applied, while it is built up on a prototype general purpose testing board or a bread-board. Such a care taken shows that one is surely following certain specific rules and regulations while building and testing the circuit. The same is followed in designing a specific layout and artwork for the circuit... The track to track distances, the breathing space for components that get warm or say that dissipate heat while the circuit functions, what test points are to be provided on the board, their accessibility, how much space is to be given for testing probes to reach those components, everything has to be considered. Mere laying out the components on a board does not necessarily make a circuit work. Yes, Printed Board Designing is a science, rather say an advanced science.
Many people use their experience in the field of electronics and design printed circuit boards along with testing circuits etc and earn their livelihood by doing so. This makes pcb designing an interesting art, science and also a profession !

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Satkeerat Electronics

Satkeerat Electronics
(Layout & Artwork design for PCB's)
PCB Designs for
S.S, D.S.PTH Surface Mount Devices, Multi Layered PCB's
& Also Reverse Engineering jobs ...Circuit Schematics Tracing

Satkeerat Electronics with an extensive background of Electronics and tuned to the state-of-the-art technology of designing Layouts, Artworks for Printed Circuit boards (PCBs), is eager to offer its services whenever required, to your esteemed Organisation.

Contact :
A.S.Dhillon, N.S. Dhillon
103/3609, Tilak Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai - 400 089.

Phone (R) : (022) 25243341, E-mail: satkeerat@yahoo.com

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